The Reverend John Emory McKenna, Ph.D., has served in several capacities, including Doctrinal Advisor to Grace Communion International; Professor and Vice-President at the World Mission University in Los Angeles; and Adjunct Professor with Azusa Pacific Seminary. He has published The Setting in Life of ‘The Arbiter’ by John Philoponus and numerous articles on the Alexandrian Theologian and Scientist with and with Watani International, as well as with Grace Communion International and World Mission University. His works have been collected and published in Korean. He has also published, with his wife, Nancy McKenna, The Burning Green, a collection of their poetry. His most recent publication is The Great AMEN of the Great I-AM, at He is a student of the Right Reverend Dr. Thomas F. Torrance of Edinburgh, Scotland.


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Historical Theology: Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Master of Divinity: Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Bachelor of Arts in Physical Chemistry: Princeton University

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