Retired pastor Neil Earle served as a pastor and journalist for Grace Communion International in Canada and the U.S. for forty-five years. He is a contributor to several church publications such as Christian Odyssey, Northern Light and Nachfolge and former senior editor of The Plain Truth magazine. He has been published in the American Review of Canadian Studies, The Popular Culture Journal, and Church and State. For five and one-half years (2002-2007) he was an adjunct professor of American and World History at Citrus College in Glendora, CA. Neil and his wife, Susan, met while serving on the Jerusalem Temple Mount archaeological project in 1970 and were married in 1972. He hosted a current events cable TV show in Duarte, CA, covering Biblical archaeology, geography and other relevant subjects and is guest speaker at GCI congregations in the US and Canada. In November 2017 he and his wife moved to Arlington, TN.

Degrees -
M.A. in Theology – Fuller Theological Seminary, 1998
M.A. in History – University of Toronto, 1992
B.A. in Theology – Ambassador College (UK), 1972
B.A. in History & English – Memorial University, 1967
B.A.Ed. – Memorial University, 1966

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