How to format an academic paper

4. Computer details

Computer details

We prefer that you submit your paper in Microsoft Word. This gives us more flexibility in how we display the paper when we read it, and how we add comments. If you do not have Word, then save your file in PDF format. Or you may use a document conversion service such as to change the format to “docx.” Some instructors use the comment feature in Word to make comments on your paper, so if you are unable to read Word documents, let us know and we will send our comments in another format.

Before you send the paper, use your word-processing program to check the spelling and the grammar. Proofread it yourself, too, or even better, get someone else to proofread it. Mistakes in grammar and spelling can affect your grade.

Since GCS is an online school, papers are submitted electronically on the website. Please name your document with your last name first—e.g., Smith Youth Ministry Paper. When your last name is in the document name, it makes it easier for the instructor to find your paper in a list of files, and to return the right paper to the right person.

Here are instructions for how to upload a paper:

· Click on the assignment link.

· Click on the “Add submission” button.

· Click “Add.”

· Click on “Choose file.”

· Find the file in your own computer, and double-click.

· Click “Upload this file.”

· Click the “Save Changes” button

· Last, click on “Submit assignment.”