How to format an academic paper

5. Grades


We will grade the paper within one week after the paper was due. Every paper has somewhat different requirements, but in general, a paper would be graded a C if it barely meets the minimum requirements of the assignment. There are minimal facts and minimal analysis. A paper might be given a grade of B if the basic facts are included, with some analysis as to why those facts are significant. Papers might be given an A if they show research well beyond the minimum required, with a good explanation of how various facts fit together to help us understand the subject better.

Longer is not always better (the same is true for sermons). Ask the instructor if you are allowed to go beyond the recommended length.

Additional considerations for a grade include:

·       Good grammar, spelling, format, and clear writing. The paper includes a clear thesis statement concisely presenting the primary conclusion of the paper.

·       Good research, based on reputable sources, with quotes that are appropriate to the flow of your argument, and the significance of each quote is explained.

·        Good analysis – identifying crucial issues, properly analyzing the validity of arguments used by others, and weighting the evidence well.

·        Understanding the significance of the topic for contemporary use in ministry.