For doing research and writing papers, you will find it helpful to use a few modern scholarly books. Some students already have access to appropriate books; others will need to plan ahead, to obtain these books at a local seminary library, through interlibrary loan at a public library, or by mail from the GCS library.

You should also consult the document on our website, “Research Resources Available off Campus.”

Here's how our library works: 

1.   Go to to see the GCS library catalog.

2.    To request a book, send an email to

3.    For students in the U.S.A., books will be sent via U.S. Postal Service Media Mail (book rate). Most books take seven to ten days to arrive.

4.    The loan period is four weeks, which includes the initial shipping time. The return postmark should be within four weeks after the initial postmark. If no other student is requesting the book, a book may be renewed for an additional four weeks. Send any request for renewal to

5.    Return postage is at the student’s expense. U.S. Postal Service Media Mail is usually the most economical. Send the book to Grace Communion Seminary, 3120 Whitehall Park Drive, Charlotte, NC 28273.

6.    International shipping and U.S. priority mail can be arranged at the student’s expense.

7.    Books returned late will be assessed at 25 cents per day.

8.    Books that are lost in the mail, either on the initial shipment or on the return, will have to be replaced. Students will be charged for the cost of purchasing a replacement book, plus a $10 replacement fee. Library fees and fines must be paid before a student can be issued a transcript or diploma. If the book is worth more than $50, we recommend that it be insured.

You may also get electronic access to many books through the (free), ($4 per month), or ($12 per month). There is also free access to portions of many books through and

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